Traditional Drawing & Painting Links

This page lists tutorials specifically dedicated to traditional (i.e. non-digital) drawing and painting techniques.

Ralph's House - Video Art Tutorials, Painting, Canvas and Pencils by Mike and Ralph
Colored Pencil Tutorial by Kamikaze777
Complete Copic Marker tutorial by toounit
Copic Marker Tutorial by finni
COPIC TUTORIAL by jad-copics
Copic Tutorial by SmokyCat
Copic Tutorial X3 by Ecthelian
Creating a Classical Still Life Oil Painting by sockii
..Drawing Tutorial.. by Snow-Owl
++ECOLINE TUTORIAL++ by iruka-loves-kakashi
Fixing Marker bleeds tutorial by Keysha-chan
Getting Started with Oil Painting by sockii
Giname's Copic Tutorial I by Giname
Ink Tutorial - Ink as a paint by the-artists-cubby
Ink Demo - Ink on clayboard by the-artists-cubby
Medieval tutorial by beard5
Paint a Portrait Like a Renaissance Old Master by sockii
Painting From Photographs - How to Achieve More Realistic Results by sockii
Reproducing an Old Master Portrait Painting by sockii
Shading Tutorial by eshkenazi
Stippling tutorial by hunterspire
The Penciling Tutorial by sashas
Tips For Painting Realistic Flesh Tones in Oil by sockii
Too's Tutorial -Marker Basics- by toounit
Tutorial - Colored Pencil by Horus-Goddess
Tutorial on Traditional Media2 by DarkDelusion
Watercolour Tutorial by noke89
What is Verdaccio and How To Use It In Your Paintings by sockii - introduction to a classical underpainting technique for oils

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