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A note from the admin
I created the base structure of this stock image directory and filled it with example links so that others would have a basic framework they can put their own stock images into. I do not have the free time to do much more with it - and my main focus is on the tutorials section of the wiki anyway. However, I strongly encourage all creators of stock images to add their own links to these pages. After all, this will allow more people to find them! If enough people help this part of the wiki grow, it could soom become as important as the tutorials sections. - jhubert

There are an enormous number of stock images on the internet, but they suffer from the same problems as tutorials: There are so many stock images out there that finding just the right ones is extremely difficult - especially if you are not entirely surre what kind of image you are looking for in the first place!

For this reason, this section attempts to list stock images as a directory in the same way as the tutorials directory lists tutorials. Please feel free to add any stock images you may have into the appropriate categories.

Note: Please adhere to any limitations for using the stock images as set down by the owners!

Animals Stock Images
Classical Stock Images
Food Stock Images
Household Items Stock Images
Macro Shots Stock Images
Miscellaneous Stock Images
Model Stock Images
Nature Stock Images
Objects Stock Images
Places Stock Images
Plants Stock Images
Technical Stock Images

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