Special Digital Effects Links

This page lists links to tutorials about miscellaneous special effects. Please add your own tutorials to the list.

3D Abstract Block Effect by z77
3D Wallpaper Tutorial by R-Klein-Webdesign
Abstract Art by Block9
Abstract Squares by Block9
Abstract Swirls by 5-0
Abstract Wireframes by Man1c M0g
Adding a Ghost to a Photograph by FOTOFECTS
Alpha Transparent PNGs by zilla774
Art with Paint Shop Pro 5, Part 1: Lens flares by Risto-Matti J. Kääriäinen
Background Tutorial GIMP by LightningIsMyName
Background Tutorial (The Original) by R-Klein-Webdesign
Background Lighting Effects by ramy
Backgrounds for Pin-ups by Polykarbon
Background Texture by The Eye
Begginers Gimp Sig Tut by manu120wfc
better cloth or canvas in gimp by istarlome
Blood FX by Screaming Art Designs
Brushed Effect Tutorial by markinhusp
Brushed Metal by Man1c M0g
Bump Texture by The Eye
Camouflage Textures by ESCRAPPERS
Candy Effect by R-Klein-Webdesign
cardboard effect in gimp by istarlome
:Cheap Tricks:.:Glow Effects: by sayda
Clouds by NeonDragon
Coloring Jewels and Other Translucent Objects by Stephanie D. Lostimolo
Comic Tones in Photoshop by Polykarbon
Cool-Effect Tutorial by R-Klein-Webdesign
Corporate Teaser Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3 by nobstutorials
Corroded Edges by EYEBALL DESIGN
Crags and Crevices by Man1c M0g
Creating Advanced Water by Phoenixiin
Creating a Realistic Wood Texture by PEGAWEB
Creating a Random Lighting Layer by PEGAWEB
Creating A Texture by Nexaa21
Creating Highlights and Magic Effects by Stephanie D. Lostimolo
Create Water Drops by Ivan Raszel
Creating very cool grunge texture! by PixelWars
Cracks by Screaming Art Designs
Crumpled Paper Bag by Man1c M0g
Crystal Mountains by Nathan Ng
Damages by E PRAGT
Dark Book of Photoshop by subcity
Devil May Cry Tutorial by Slasher15987
Diamond Plated Brushed Metal by Ivan Raszl
Digital Painting Tips by Foxbane
Digital Toning
Dirty Screen Texture by E PRAGT
Dirty Texture
Displacement Maps
Distressed Twirl Effect by zuccs
Easy Rainbow Gradient Tutoral by budgie
Ethereal Effect by Chris Arlidge
Electrical Circuits by Man1c M0g
Energy Nova by Joe
Fairy Glow Tutorial by Zoy
Fence by E PRAGT
Fireball Tutorial by biodude94566
Fire or Plasma ball by Polykarbon
Fire Effects by Rio
Flames in Photoshop Tutorial by Visual Xtreme
Foliage Texture by Aycan Gulez
Futuristic Deep Tunnel by Nathan Ng
Gaara Smudge Tutorial- Sparkle by afgunz
Glowing energy special effects by Siah Tiong Hong
Glow tutorial by Sadir89
Gold by E PRAGT
Gold Texture by Nathan Ng
Green house flower Tutorial by 0-ASH-0
halftone effect in gimp part 1 by istarlome
halftone effect in gimp part 2 by istarlome
Hayden's PS Water Tutorial by HaydenM
How To Create Brushed Aluminum by Ivan Raszel
How to Create Sun Rays by Richard Schneider
How To Make Scan Lines by LTMXd
How to make editable lenseflares by Polykarbon
how to screentone for begining by pandabaka
Heavy Metal
How to make things glow by khaosdog
Ice Tutorial by Xehasnort-8D
Ice Wall by N-sane
Interface Pattern I by EYEBALL DESIGN
Jean Cloth Texture by Aycan Gulez
kevin1312's sig tut by kevin1312
Lighting Effects by PixelWars
Lighting Effects Part 1 by C-lon
Light Sparkle Tutorial by Shintei-chan
Light Study in Photoshop by Siah Tiong Hong
Light Swirls by Malboroman
Magic and Special Effects tut. by PearlPhoenix
Making Sparks by z77
Man Walking into Heaven 2 by Aaronl8n
Metallic by E PRAGT
Metal Meshes by Man1c M0g
Metal Texture by Screaming Art Designs
Mimicing Screentones by Andrew Hibner
Motion Blur Effect by PixelWars
Motion Lines by Rio
Mini-Tutorial: Hilights by Spooky-Delirium
Mud Texture by Nathan Ng
My cheap glow effect tutorial by koino
My Other Bloody Method by Lady-Dementia-Stock
Noob tutorial for PS by 19omegagod91«< Be sure to +fav him and Watch!!!
Old Alluminium - Beginners tut by Timesplitter92
Old Paper by PixelWars
Old-Paper-Look Tutorial by princendymion
Organic Flesh Fan by N-sane
Organic Raw Flesh by N-sane
Overlay Fade by EYEBALL DESIGN
Painting Metal by real4fantasy
Paint Shop Pro X layering Tut by Akariteachan
Pendako Metal Tutorial by Pendako
Pen Tool Path Design by nmsmith
Perplexing Plasmids by ngz
Photoshop Clouds by NeonDragon
Photoshop Ghosting Techniques by Kevin Hulsey
Photoshop Polaroid 3d by P-Epic
Photoshop Polaroid Frame by P-Epic
Photoshop Stone Tutorial by phong
Photoshop Watercolour Tutorial by kidchan
Plait Patterns by ESCRAPPERS
Plasmic Fire by DEPICTION
Polka Dots by E PRAGT
Pop Art Inspired by Lichtenstein by Melissa Clifton
Pop-Art Tutorial by deadly_mask
Power blasts! by Polykarbon
Proffesional Navigation Bar by FMX-Resources
Psychedelic Background Lines by PixelWars
Rain! by Polykarbon
Rain Effects by NeonDragon
Rays of Light by NeonDragon
Realistic Metal by Blodo
Reflection - Tutorial by lizkay
Rock Textures by Man1c M0g
Rust by E PRAGT
Rust Sample by E PRAGT
Rust Texture by The Eye
Rust Tutorial by R-Klein-Webdesign
Rust Tutorial Part Two: The Rust by Phoenix_AO
Rusty Texture by Nathan Ng
Shadow by Screaming Art Design
SG's smudge tutorial by SakuraGenki
Shadow Technique by PixelWars
Shapes & Styles Redux by Cyan Walsh
Shiny Portrait Tutorial by Agent-Elrond
Simple Camouflage by Man1c M0g
Simple Tiling Patterns by Man1c M0g
Simple tut for beginners -Lava by Timesplitter92
Simple Tut-- Ripple effect by Timesplitter92
Simple Tuts - 2 Simple borders by Timesplitter92
Smoke! by Polykarbon
Smoke and Explosions by Rio
Sparkle by Screaming Art Design
Sparkles & Stars by NeonDragon
Special F/x with Photoshop by Bakaneko
Speedline Tutorial by BlackLillian
Splattered Metal by N-sane
Star Matter by PixelWars
Stray Energy by Mainfest
Tears Tutorial by shanqueline
Tech Ring by Zempire
Texture Development in Photoshop by AH
Texture FX
Texture Mapping by Man1c M0g
Texture Tutorial by archetype-stock
The fire thing I do by 0kronos0
The Night Vision Thing by Jennifer Apple
The Smudge Tutorial by Dee Dreslough
The tears tutorial by dbx-1138
THE tutorial by 1and1isme
Tombom's Border Tutorial by tombom
Tutorial: An Intro to Layers by Katolin
Tutorial - Lightning on GIMP 2 by FastSpeedy
Tutorial: Pop Art by meleada
Underwater Effect on a Photo by Team Photoshop
Urban Decay by N-sane
Vector Art with Photoshop by Melissa Clifton
Wall by E PRAGT
Warps and Vortexes by Man1c M0g
Water Drop Style by real4fantasy
Watermark Signature by ESCRAPPERS
Watermark tutorial by TheGreatMarkOfShame
Water Texture by DEPICTION
Weaponry Effects by Rio<
Wood Texture by E PRAGT
Wood Texture by Nathan Ng

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