Photomanipulation Links

This page lists links to photomanipulation tutorials. Please add your own tutorials to the list.

Advanced Cut-Out Mini-Tutorial by nobstutorials
Advanced Cutting Out + Masking by archetype-stock
B and W Color Tutorial by xstephychanx
Banner Tutorial by vands88
Photo Manipulation tutorials by kevin monard
Black and White Tutorial by Antidaeophobia
Carved-Type-Tutorial by Trucker Pete
Color Black And White Photo's by xiaofox
Colouring tutorial by xxrouxx
Cutting tutorial by alexioskiyoshi
Digital Matting by evilcanofjoy
eye colour change tutorial by dead-brushes
Fabric print tutorial by Eyespiral-stock
Fabulous portrait tut' by manandj
Falling to Pieces Tutorial by FreakyDarlingx
Fall Out Boy Sig Tut by JCoca
Generation X Effect by Tmuzzatti
Horror Textures -G- by conzpiracy
How to Bodypaint in Photoshop. by Norke
How To Cut Out An Image by equestrian88
Icon Colouring Tutorial 1 by DresdenMurderScene
Image Blending Tutorial by Joseph-UK
Indie Style by omgoogles
Killer Portrait by conzpiracy
Landscape Metamorphosis -W- by photoshop-tutorials
Lets Dance Tut by apsblackbelt2
Make-Over Tutorial by ZexionsLover
Making of "Project Alice" by Dark Wolf
'Manip Basics - Cropping by s15jesusfreak
Manip Tutorial by drfoofoo
Mariah Carey Sig Tutorial by idontknow95129
Page Curling Mini-Tutorial by Serrator
Photo Editing Walkthrough by`Doubtful-Della
Photo Manipulation Tutorial by 11flynner
Photo Manipulation Tutorial by Falcoline
Photoshop 7 HDRi Tutorial V.2 Advanced editing techniques for extending the dynamic range in photographs by CJ Morgan Imaging
Photoshop Patchtool Tutorial by mrinc
Photoshop Tutorials by photoshopgirl
Photoshop signature tutorial by mccloskey-14
Polaroid Look: Easy by Ankom
Polygonal Lasso Tool -Cutting- by dreamer14
Rule of Thirds Tut 2 by JohnnySix
Sharpness Tutorial by ivanll
Sin City Look -R- by photoshop-tutorials
Advanced skin softening by jmonzani
soft eraser tutorial Part 1 & 2 by lucretia-stock
Texturizing Tutorial by RileyRican
The Fangtastic Tutorial by wycked
The Spoon's Spool Up Tutorial by LordDam
tone and colour enhancement by bosniak
Tutorial 1 by Oboro
Tutorial, My First by kJz
Tutorial: Reduce Colour Noise by Redandwhite
ursa iguana polaris tutorial by crafth
Vignetting Tutorial by omgoogles
Vectorial Signature Tutorial by jimkimjat
Woods Hide Wonders tutorial by 101radiant101

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