Photography Links

A note from the admin:
This is another page which could really use some help from someone more proficient in this field. I am an absolute novice when it comes to photography, and have no way of judging which tutorials would be especially useful for this section. - jhubert

This page lists links to photography tutorials.

There is a wealth of design-related photography articles/tutorials on Single-Serving Photo:

Art Concepts in Photography, Part 1: Texture
Art Concepts in Photography, Part 2: Composition
Art Concepts in Photography, Part 3: Positive/Negative Space
Boosting Creativity, Enhancing Composition
Compressed Dynamic Range
Digital Infra-Red by mole2k
Framing your works by facist
Gig Photography by AlexParlett
Guide to Stock - Part I by AttempteStock
Histograms, Huh?
Macro water drops Tutorial by RichAllen
Pinhole Camera Tutorial by katdabrat
Photography for Beginners. by lewcid
Tutorial: portrait photography by jmonzani

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