As simple as Paint is, this can be the key to a budding artist starting out. The lack of features is its saving grace for ease of use. There are some things that it does that the mighty Photoshop doesn't do easily:

Solid ellipses Something that PS can't do. 1PaintButtonEllipses.JPG
Straight lines ( Perhaps Paint has patented the idea?) 2PaintButtonStraitLines.JPG
Text A straight-forward text insert tool. It has the optional draw background. 3PaintButtonText.JPG
Rotate The program can easily rotate and mirror the canvas, or just selections. 4PaintRotate.JPG
Stretch/Skew To skew text to fit contours, and to expand smaller images to fit larger images. 5PaintStretchSkew.JPG
Paste Selection Before the selection is applied, the user can flip, rotate, and move the selection, or even turn it to be "transparent." 6PaintSelection.JPG

Installed for free on ~90% of computers.
An elementary thing that it doesn't do is zoom smoothly, however.

Started 2007 by Eric Funk

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