Hi Fi Color For Comics

Hi-Fi Color For Comics: Digital Techniques for Professional Results by Brian Miller, Kristy Miller

Amazon.com describes the book this way:

This exciting and complete instructional package starts with the basics and progresses through step-by-step demos that take readers from line art to full, awe-inspiring color. Readers will get instruction on equipment, scanning, setting up pages, color theory, flatting, rendering, special effects, color holds, color separations, and even details on the business of becoming a professional colorist. The CD-ROM includes Photoshop tools and actions that artists can use to streamline their coloring work, plus sample Photoshop files so that readers can work along with the demonstrations.


Review by John Erickson, September 2008:

Hi-Fi Color for Comics teaches a popular method of coloring comic book art, called the cut-and-grad or cut-and-brush method (depending which of two subtle variations you use), which is a hybrid of cartoon-like cell shading and realistic rendering.

The early sections about how to scan the art, block in flat color and basic Photoshop skills was pretty much just a review for me, but once it got into the actual rendering method, I learned some valuable new techniques.

This is a great book for beginners to digital coloring because it starts from the ground up, but it's not bad for moderately experienced artists who want to learn some new tricks.

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