Digital Coloring Links

Art tutorials for coloring pictures. Please add your own tutorials to the list.

A Build-Up Approach to Photoshop Coloring by NeonDragon
Adding colours (less memory needed) by Lian
Adding colours (better, more memory needed) by Lian
A 'Real' Coloring Tutorial by Marauder6272
Background Tutorial by GearOtter
Blending Modes by Polykarbon
Canhead by Ryan Wood
Cartoon Coloring with Photoshop by Kelly Hamilton]
Cell Shading Using Quick Mask by Genevieve
Cell-Style Coloring by Andrew Hibner
Cel-Style Coloring by NeonDragon
Cel-style digital coloring, take 1 by Liz Chesterman
Cel-style digital coloring, take 2 by Liz Chesterman
CGing Tutorial by messa
CG tutorial I by zejeni
Chroma-Cell Coloring Effect in Photoshop 5.5 by bieber
Color: Color Wheel by Rio
Coloring in PaintShop Pro by Assaf Shtilman
Coloring in Photoshop by Gayle M. Bird
Coloring technique by yuni
Coloring Tutorial by setsuna22
Coloring under your refined sketches by Stephanie D. Lostimolo
Coloring with PSP, first method by V. E. 'Veltzeh' Lehkonen
Color in Photoshop made easy by JenL
Color Theory + App. Tutorial by gorachi
Colour Dynamics Tutorial by shoomlah
Colouring in Photoshop by Jenny Dolfen
Colourin tutorial part 1 & 2 by commando34186
Color Shifts by NeonDragon
Color Tutorial by JR Dunster
Color tutorial of sorts by Inuki444
Colour Theory in a Nutshell
Colourist Tutorial by Brittlebear
Comic Cuts by Channy
Computer Coloring by Eddie Loven
Digital Coloring Tutorial by Ditzzi
Digital Colouring with Photoshop by Troy Packer
Flesh Tone Coloring with Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro, from Ice Maidens to Drow by Maggie I. Wang
How to color like zammies by zambi
How to color line art in Paint Shop Pro by Polykarbon
How To get started with CG by The Art Corner
How Shiyu Colors by Shiyu-chan
Keelerleahs Coloring Tutorial by keelerleah
Lazy Coloring Shortcut by JinjoJess
ND's Spiffy Hard-Soft Coloring Trick by NeonDragon
NMCGT: Shading styles. by blackladybinary
Painting In Open-Canvas using the Watercolour Tool by Pixieface
Painting With Photoshop by Raerae
Painter and Photoshop, a Quick Trip by Liz Chesterman
Paint with photoshop by Channy
Petty's Coloring Tutorial by pettyartist
Photoshop Cel Shading Tutorial by celesse
Photoshop CG Tutorial - [Step 1 & 2 by zareonianwolf
PhotoshopColouring Walkthrough by Norke
Photoshop Hard-edged Airbrush by Liz Chesterman]
Photoshop Lineart-Coloring Tut by Kuitsuku
Preparing an image for Computer Coloring by Bakaneko
PSPX coloring tut part 1 & 2 by Akariteachan
Rendering Tutorial - Vauxhall VX220 by Allan McDonald
Shading by LS96
Shading a face tutorial by slajmballe
SHINEYY by Draakh
Skin Tones Part 1 by Ron Lemen
Skin Tones Tutorial Part 2/Painting Heads by Ron Lemen
Soft Shading tutorial by AngelicAlchemey
Skin Coloring Tutorial by Niji-iro
Soft Coloring - Deji's way XP by dejichan
Soft Style Coloring by NeonDragon
The Coloring Tutorial by Bakaneko
The Render by Chris Arlidge
Toning Tutorial by spirapride
Tutorial:color scanned lineart by snapesnogger
Tutorial Color Adjust by Abuze
Tutorial: Dice's Method by vanillaDICE
Tutorial for soft cell shading by getty

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