Digital Brushes Links

Links to tutorials for creating and using digital brushes. Please add your own tutorials to the list.

Brush the difficulties away by AquaSixio
Custom Brushes by vladimir-the-hamster
Easy Grunge Brushes by 01041003
Fur brush tutorial by feral-sorow
How to Make Photoshop Brushes by Scully7491
Making Natural Brushes for PS by Duffzilla
Smudge Settings by Divis0r
Your Signature to Brush Movie by lucky13
Whea'z Stroke Tute by wheaman

Downloadable Brushes

Flower-Curl Shaped Brushes by Unrestricted-Stock
Foliage 4 pack brushes -revi- by Unrestricted-Stock
Splatter Brushes by Unrestricted-Stock
Vectorial Explosion 8bru Pack by Unrestricted-Stock

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