Creatures Links

This page lists links to tutorials for drawing animals. Please add your own tutorials to the list.


a dinosaur scale tut by nebezial
Animal Eye Tutorial by daisy7
Basic Animal Anatomy by Cedarseed
Basic Horse Colouring Tutorial by horsegirljess
Basics for drawing dogs by etuix
BIG TUTORIAL - by adonihs
Birds and Feathers- a simple guide to drawing by CreatTheCrow
Bird Wings Tutorial by cactusart
colouring tutorial by YOB
Digital Hair by ox-of-ice
Drawing Birds part 1 by Cedarseed
Drawing Birds part 2 by Cedarseed
Drawing Birds part 3 by Cedarseed
Drawing Cats: Guide to Colors by Cedarseed
Drawing Cats part 4 by Cedarseed
Drawing the Horse by Cedarseed
Fur Shading Tutorial by Blue-Storm-Spirit
Feather Tutorial by Katherine Dinger
Fur Tutorial by Fatal-mantis85
Fur Tutorial by Katherine Dinger
Furry Fuzzy Tutorial by hartandhunter
Horse Eye Tutorial by Thepaintedpony
How to Draw a Serpent by Jonni Good
How to Draw Hedwig, Harry's Owl by Jonni Good
How to Draw Scabbers, the Rat by Jonni Good
How To Draw Wolves v2 by TheFireInside87
How to paint a Horse - Part 1, 2 and 3 by QueenOfGoldfishes
Jen's Fur Tutorial 2 by jocarra
KR dragon tutorial part I by TheArtDragon
Maggie's Fur Tutorial by etuix
OC tutoral for Wolf Profiles by daisy7
Painting Animal Fur by real4fantasy
The Leopard by SPark
Sombra's Fur Tutorial- Take 2 by Ookami-girl
The Spotted Owl by SPark
Wings Tutorials by Dee Dreslough
Wing Tutorial by Fatal-mantis85
Wing Tutorial by real4fantasy
.:: Wolf Fur Tutorial ::. by NatashaMB
Wolf Fur Tutorial by yellow-eyes
Wolf Fur Tutorial 2 by yellow-eyes
Wolf head tutorial by daisy7
Wolf Tutorial by blayrd
Wolf Walk-Through by Katherine Dinger
V-REX FULL TUTORIAL - by adonihs

Fantasy Creatures

Angel Wings by Rachael Tallamy
Angel Wing Tutorial by raerae
Anthro critters by Kelly Hamilton
Anthro Tutorial part ONE by Stylin-Yellow-Pup
Asian dragons tutorial by Cedarseed
Basic Dragon by SPark
Claws & Talons by NeonDragon
Demon Wing Tutorial by raerae
Dragon Tut Part 1 & 2 by bluedrgnMethy
Dragon Tutorial - New by alecan
Drawing a Dragon in Flight by Dee Dreslough
Drawing Angelic Wings Tutorial by Crysa
Drawing Animal/Dragon Eyes by Dee Dreslough
Drawing Dragon Bodies by Dee Deslough
Drawing Dragon Heads by Dee Deslough
Drawing Dragon Paws by Dee Dreslough
Drawing Scales! by Dee Dreslough
Fairy Wings by NeonDragon
Feathered Wings by NeonDragon
Gryphons by NeonDragon
Gungan Tutorial by Kaleesh-of-Kalee
How to Draw a Dragon by Jonni Good
How to Draw a Gryphon by Jonni Good
How to Draw a Magical Cat by Jonni Good
How to Draw a Unicorn by Jonni Good
How to Draw a Werewolf by Jonni Good
How to Draw Fluffy, the Three-Headed Dog by Jonni Good
How to Shade a Dragon Drawing by Dee Dreslough
Illustrating a Dragon in Pencil
Illustrating a Dragon's Head in Pencil by Alane Fieldson
Leather Wings by NeonDragon
Myth's Dragon Tutorial Part 1, 2.1 & 2.2 by =ri
Tail by Rio
The Dragon Tutorial by NeonDragon
Tutorial - Dragons by Sheil
Unicorn Horn by Rachael Tallamy
Wings by Rio

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