Crafting Links

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As you can see, this page is a mess. It should probably be split up into several component sections or even pages, cleaned, and expanded. However, I simply do not have the expertise to do this well - my own focus is on digital painting, and I am out of my depth here. Yet I still want this page to be better so that it can be a useful resource to other kinds of artists as well. Thus, I strongly encourage anyone with the relevant knowledge to improve this page on his or her own. Future seekers of tutorials on these subjects will no doubt be grateful. ;) - jhubert

This is still not ideal, but it's a start. I wanted to edit this at least quickly to give it some sort of structure and organization. -rburke

This page lists tutorials for hand-crafted items. Please add your own tutorials to the list.

Wood Crafts

Decoupaged Wooden Letters by staft
How to Paint Wooden Letters by staft


Bake A Cake by 12monthsOFwinter
Coconut Puffs by OceanRed
Ultrasauce recipe by snarfles



Bandanna Handbag Tutorial by fira-flame
Fleece Hat Tutorial by clearkid
Simple Tote Bag Tutorial by Fira Flame

Costuming, Clothing, and Props - holiday, cosplay, stage

Cosplay:Metal Texture Tutorial by Risachantag
Dead Foot Tutorial by IAmGhost
Ninja Mask Tutorial by randominuyasha
Org XIII Jacket Tutorial by Oriana132
Sweatshop tutorial page 1, 2 & 3 by ph34rbot
Tutorial: Lamé Trim by taeliac

Makeup - including prosthetics and special effects

Mello Scar Makeup Tutorial by gw33t3r-love
Simple Slit Wrist by IAmGhost

Home and Garden

DIY Laundry Soap Tutorial by Fira-Flame

Knitting/Crocheting (including amigurumi and other yarn/wool)


AshFantastic's Doll Tutorial by AshFantastic
Ash's Dollie Clothes Tutorial by AshFantastic
Ash's Dollie Head Tutorial by AshFantastic

Plushie (stuffed animals and characters)

Basic Plushie Tut by dedredhed
How to do a little plushie by TheMadRose
Plushie Tutorial by devdasi
Plush keychain TUTORIAL by Blackmago
plush toast keychain tutorial by aiwa-9

Paper crafts - origami, kirigami, paper models, etc.)

Since origami and kirigami are closely related, links are gathered under one heading.
Starburst Necklace Tutorial by kaykaykit

Origami & Kirigami

3D paper cube by cheetah1852
Akatsuki Origami Tutorial Pt 1 & 2 by thegeekpit
Ball tutorial page 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 by didyagetthat
How to fold an Open Frame Unit by 1sand0s
How to fold a regular pentagon by 1sand0s

Paper Modeling

Cards - greeting, holiday, ATCs/ACEOs, etc.

Card Tutorial by Genolover

Sculpting - natural/earth clay, polymer clay, plasticine

Polymer Clay

Clay Figure Tutorial by smilie-terrorist
omokun Charm Tutorial by Blackmago
Easy Bird Tutorial by Malindachan
HUGE strawberry charm tutorial by Oborochann
Octopus Charm Tutorial by Oborochann
Panda Charm Tutorial by Oborochann
Tutorial:Fimo-Treebunnies Pt.1 by RavenFeatherAngel

Metal Jewelry and Beading

Inks and Dyes

How to make ink by Sohte
Tutorial: How to use RIT Dye by taeliac


Jack-O-Lantern TUTORIAL XD by Thegirlinred93
Pumpkin Carving Tutorial by FinnaJei
serigraph 101 : printmaking : screen filler reduction method by nicci
serigraph 101 : the crayon resist by nicci

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