Anatomy & People Links

Art tutorials for drawing anatomy and people. Please add your own tutorials to the list.

Heads and Faces

3/4 view simplyfied by Polykarbon
Addy's Eye Tutorial: by Adrenalynn-X
A Digital Coloring Tutorial: 3 by joulee
An Anime Eyes Tutorial by joulee
Angel Eyes by Rachael Tallamy
Anime Eye Tutorial by Sunfur
Anime Style Hair by Julie
Big Guide to Drawing the Body by Cedarseed
Blue Hair Coloring Tutorial by mithrandirff7
Crystal Clear Iris by N-sane
Drawing Anime Faces Tutorial by Crysa
Drawing Anime Hair: Bangs by Crysa
Drawing Eyes and Hair by studio mica
Drawing Faces by studio mica
Drawing hair with no tablet by Cuniculosa
Drawing lips and mouth by JR Dunster
Drawing profiles by JR Dunster
Drawing the eyes by JR Dunster
Drawing the Face by fetishfaerie
Drawing the Human Eye by Katherine Dinger
Drawing the nose by JR Dunster
Easy Eyes by Rachael Tallamy
Easy Realism Eye Tutorial by budgie
Emotions and Facial Expression by Cedarseed
How to color hair tutorial by Eviemira
How to draw Curly Hair by blazingrunaway
Eye Angle Library by Tentopet
Eyes by LoLuna
Eyes by OMU
Eyes Mouths Ears Noses by Bakaneko
eye tutorial by arisu-chan25
Eye Tutorial by insanityassassin
Eye Tutorial by Keroberous
Eye Tutorial by waluigis-girl
Face Structure
Female Faces Tutorial by Bakaneko
Female Head: 3/ view
Folicle Follies... or 'hair essentials' by Kristen Perry
Frontview simplified by Polykarbon
General Anime Faces by Manga Tokyo University
Giving Head by glockgal
Hair by OMU
Hair Basics by NeonDragon
hair cg tutorial by centi
Hair Coloring Tutorial by Saruke
hair drawing tutorial by Abuze
Hair: Female Hair by Polykarbon
Hair in Photoshop:Straight or Curly by Foxbane
.:Hairstyle Tutorial:. by Sokoto
Hair tut by zooni
Hair Tutorial by Bakaneko
Hair Tutorial by Katherine Dinger
Hair Tutorial by okaron
head angle and face emotion by pandabaka
Heads, Faces, Ears, Mouths by Bakaneko
HOW I COLOR EYE by blackladybinary
How I draw char. pose by pandabaka
How I Paint A Face ... Again by dr-runcible
How To Draw 101: Facial Featur by Wisdoms-Pearl07
How to draw a head by Academy of Art University
How to Draw Ears by Augustc4
How to draw elder people by LicaWolf
How to Draw Eyes like DGM by DoomGirlMeg
How to Draw faces/Frontview
How to Draw faces/Profile by Polykarbon
How to Draw features: the Eye by Polykarbon
How to Draw features: the Mouth by Polykarbon
How to Draw Hair by Keiiii
How to Draw Hair by JR Dunster
How to Draw the Head and Facial Features by Lorelai
How to Draw Unique Characters with worksheet by napalmnacey
How to paint anime-styled hair by getty
Human heads by Ron Lemen
Hypno-Eyes Tutorial by waluigis-girl
Lip Painting Tutorial by acidlullaby
Lips Tutorial by Katherine Dinger
Lucious Lips by Rachael Tallamy
Male Head ¾ view
Male Faces Tutorial by Bakaneko
marker hair tutorial by greyskyblues
mini-tutorial: hands by salamandersoup
Nose by OMU
Nose: Basics by Rio
NOSE-tutorial by monkeyeye
Nose: Types by Rio
Painting Ear Walk-thru by Rach-Resources
Painting Hair in Photoshop by Kelly L. Johnson
Portrait by Rachael Tallamy
Portrait Drawing Tips
Realism Basics tutorial by snoday
Realism proportion tutorial-1 by Obi-quiet
Realism 1: the face basics by budgie
Realistic Lips by NIanome
Realistic Hair Tuto by Orioto
Say Cheese... by Kristen Perry
Semi-Realism Hair by Rachael Tallamy
Tutorial 1 - Shiny hair by Lavender-Ice
Shiny Hair by NeonDragon
Suiko's NEW Tutorial by Sui-Sui
T4 Facial Hair and Hair by ellastasia
Teryn's Tresses... or 'how to 'do an elf by Kristen Perry
The Basic Head by NeonDragon
The Basics by Polykarbon
The Ear by OMU
The Face! by OMU
The Mouth by OMU
The Nose by Rachael Tallamy
Tutorial 3 by Manah-Angel-Eyes
Tutorial 2 by Manah-Angel-Eyes
TUTORIAL - eyes by Marysian
UpDo Hairdo by Rachael Tallamy
"Updo" Tutorial by Katherine Dinger
Tips for drawing cartoon eyes by Kelly Hamilton
Tutorial: Beautiful Eyes 101 by vanity-insecurity
Tutorial: Drawing a face by leochi
Tutorial: Painting Hair in PS by Foxbane
WERY easy Eye tutorial by ChiiHabuta Printable Coloring sheets
Why the Cross Face? by Genevieve

Body and gestures

01 Tutorial - kids+short adult by Scarlet-Rose
Anatomy & Drawing Basics by Bakaneko
Anatomy tutorial by SiSero
Arms by Andrew Hibner
Basic Hands by NeonDragon
Basic Male Figure
Bringing Drawings to Life by GoblinQueeen
Character Creating
Complex Poses of the Female Figure by Bakaneko
Designing Characters by Polykarbon
Don't do that! by JR Dunster
Drawing the Human Hand by Ron Lemen
Dynamic Figure Drawing by tigrin
dynamic pose tutorial part 1 by destructorv1
Express Guide: Figure Drawing by Cedarseed
Feets! by Polykarbon
Female Anatomy Patterns by Snigom
Female Figure Drawing by Manga Tokyo University
Female Figures Drawing Tutorial by BakaNeko
Figure Drawing by JR Dunster
Figure Drawing: Basic Pose and Construction by William Li
-Foot Tutorial- by odduckoasis
Gesture drawings by JR Dunster
Guide to Human Types Addendum by Cedarseed
Guide to Human Types part 1 by Cedarseed
Guide to Human Types part 2 by Cedarseed
Guide to Human Types part 3 by Cedarseed
Hands by Bakaneko
Hands by Polykarbon
-Hands Tutorial- by odduckoasis
Hand Tutorial by joodlez
How To Draw Women by TArthurSmith
How to Sketch the Human Hand by Meriko
Human Anatomy by ImageC0rrupt3d
Introduction to Drawing, Anatomy, and anime stylizing by Bakaneko
Legs by Andrew Hibner
Male Anatomy Patterns by Snigom
Male Figure Tutorial by Bakaneko
Male Figure & Muscles by Bakaneko
mini tutorial... 03 by sureya
Mini Tutorial Female Torso and Legs by Bakaneko
Neck and Shoulders by JR Dunster
Posing Tutorial by SugarSugarHyperLolly
Pre-Teen Human Figure Tutorial by Bakaneko
Profile Simplyfied by Polykarbon
Quick Body Gestures by Genevieve
Skin Color + Swatches by DeviantNep
Skin Texture Tutorial by real4fantasy
skin tutorial by arisu-chan25
Skin Tones in Photoshop by Polykarbon
Skin Tutorial V2 by sayokyokuchan
Start to look at the body by Genevieve
Step-by-step portrait
The Female Body
The Great Big Breast Tutorial by Neolucky
The Human Body by NeonDragon
The Male Body
The Male Torso... simplified by Polykarbon
This was actually requested by Loar5
Tips for drawing the human figure by Kelly Hamilton
Tutorial: Feet and Shoes by kitten-chan
Tutorial: Hands by kitten-chan
Tutorial: Human Figure by kitten-chan
Tutorial Pt 2 - Coloring Skin by akemi-shuu
Z Big Guide to Body Drawing by Cedarseed


How To Exaggerate by batangbatugan
Human Anatomy Pictures for Artists by
kiss tutorial by AuroraCarina-chan
Tutorial: Hands while kissing by AuroraCarina-chan

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